first course

bibb lettuces, maidens blush apples, shinsieki pears, english walnuts and caramelized leeks

with honey, cider and biodynamic olive oil

schat’s family bakery bread, basil pistou sauce

and oyster mushroom duxelle

family style

superschmeltz kolrabi and nantes carrot pickle

heirloom cucumbers, candy onions, heirloom tomatoes, parsley, sweet peppers

and shamrock farms feta tossed with lemon juice, dill,

red wine vinegar, garlic and biodynamic olive oil

garnet beets, shallot crisps, toasted hemp seeds,

aged balsamic and mendo sea salt

bliss potatoes and green olives simmered in a preserved lemon,

torpedo onion and dark horse paprika sauce

roasted heirloom squashes, peppers, carrots, radishes & bitter chicory greens

lovingly breaded eggplant cutlets, san joaquin dry jack,

layered in a fire-roasted tomato sauce with oregano, basil, thyme, sage,

garlic and biodynamic olive oil 


baklava with local honey and walnuts

served with a honey cardamom yogurt